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10 reasons why you should get a car history report

When buying a second hand car, it’s so important to get a car history report, according vehicle history check experts,

Mechanic 3375As soon as, you purchase a car history report you receive a document with a wide range of information about the car such as if the car was used as a taxi before, if there is any outstanding finance owed, number of previous owners, if the NCT is invalid, insurance written off check, along with a number of other findings in the report that might affect the performance of the car.
After that, you will also be able to make an informed and rational decision when thinking to buy or sell a car. Below are 10 reasons why you need to do a car history check before purchasing a used car.

  1. The Car Could Have Been Used as a Taxi Before

It’s imperative to be aware of the cars previous usage to identify its overall condition. A car which has been previously used as a taxi may decline in value quicker than a car that has been used privately. If the car was used as a taxi for instance, it’s more likely to have a higher mileage.

  1. Check to see if Car has been Cloned or Stolen

It’s very easy for criminals to clone cars. By not doing a history check, the car that you have purchased may be cloned. It’s as simple as copying a car registration plate number and placing it on a different unconnected vehicle, so that fines and illegality is then passed on to the owner of the cloned car.

  1. There may be outstanding Finance

1 in every 6 Irish vehicles have outstanding finance owed, by not checking out the car before purchasing, there is a good chance that you could be making one of your most expensive purchases you’ve ever made.

If you end up buying a vehicle that hasn’t yet been paid for, it still belongs to the company that’s financing that vehicle. They will then expert the registered person to hand over the payments, when that person becomes you. The company will hold you liable for the outstanding finance, whatever the amount may be.

  1. There may have been a Number of Previous Owners

Over 22,000 Cars in Ireland last year had been owned by 10 different people, with one car remarkably having 34 previous owners. The more owners a car has, the increased importance it’s to get a car history check. A car with a number of previous owners means a red flag should show up.

  1. Fake NCT or Invalid NCTs

In a recent study done by, 1 in 5 cars on the Irish roads had invalid NCTs.

  1. Has the Car Been Clocked?

A clocked car is another issue which you may find yourself in. 1 in every 5 Irish vehicles have mileage that has been clocked. Tinkering with the meter may lead to safety issues, especially if the vehicle doesn’t look it’s in need of a service, even though it is.

  1. Insurance Written Off Check

With 4 in every 10 written-off Irish vehicles back on the road, it’s extremely important you get a car history report.

  1. Imported UK Vehicle Check

There are a number of reasons for getting an imported UK Vehicle Check. With the recent floods in the UK, buying a car from the UK may well be flooded. It’s also important to note that 1 in every 10 UK vehicles imported have been written-off.

  1. The Value of a Car

If you’re unsure of the true valuation of a car which you’re considering purchasing, a car history report will outline the value of the car for you. Make sure that you get a true and fair value for your vehicle.

  1. Check if the Engine Has Been Replaced

If the engine has been replaced before, you need to know why, so it does not become a problem down the line. Ask the seller why it was replaced, how many miles the previous engine had, who replaced it and what is was replaced with.