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151-170 SD UV Primer Filler Grey from Glasurit

Refinishing minor to moderate damage to car parts such as bumpers is now one of the most common body shop repair jobs. So for body shops, it is especially important to work profitably in this segment.

Glasurit, BASF’s premium paint brand, says it supports body shops by continuously developing new products that accelerate processes and can be used easily and flexibly. With Glasurit 151-170 SD UV Primer Filler grey, spray painters now have a proven product they can use in spray can form that makes cosmetic damage repair in particular even more efficient, according to the company.

The UV primer filler in a spray can is ready for use and always available for quick application when small areas need to be prepared for actual paint application. Glasurit adds that this makes spray painters’ work more flexible and helps them save time, because there is no need to prepare or clean a spray gun.

In addition to the quick and easy process, the UV primer filler in a spray can offers the same properties as Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler grey.

Glasurit says it ensures good corrosion resistance and outstanding finish quality. Because it features excellent adhesion to both metal and plastic, it is the ideal basis for repairing minor and moderate damage that can be dried under the light of a UV-A lamp.

This type of drying is especially efficient and ensures that plastic parts retain its shape, since no heat develops during the process.