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3M adds more specialist products to bodyshop abrasives range

With the aim of developing solutions that speed up bodyshop operations, improve quality and offer cost-effective solutions, diversified technology company 3M has extended its abrasives range with two new products. The newly-developed Hookit Hard Clear Coat discs from 3M are designed for scuffing OEM hard clear coats while the established Hookit 260L Film Discs are now available in a 15-hole configuration.

Hard clear coat finishes are now a feature of a number of European vehicles, particularly German brands, due to legislation introduced by some European countries to reduce the environmental impact created by car washing on the street. Designed to be especially tough and robust, these clear coats are a real benefit for the car owner but make the job of the vehicle repairer much harder. To meet this challenge, 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division has developed an abrasive disc specifically designed for the purpose of scuffing hard clear coats prior to blending. A new mineral technology delivers an enhanced cut rate which increases efficiency and productivity, producing the required matt finish for the blending process.

Dave Nimmey of 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division explains: “We have trialled these discs with a number of bodyshops and their overwhelming response was that they were very impressed with the new discs’ performance. One said that when repairing a vehicle which has a ceramic lacquer, they would normally have to use 12 discs for the job but with the Hookit Hard Clear Coat disc they only needed to use two. As well as reducing abrasive consumption, the discs were shown to reduce the time needed for the job while delivering increased quality and uniform panel matting.”

With a durable film backing, the discs can be used with or without an interface, which allows for increased pressure or flexibility depending on the task. The discs can be used damp with minimal water spray, which increases disc life and reduces the amount of cleaning needed after use.

The Hookit 260L film disc technology is already an established part of 3M’s abrasives portfolio and its importance has grown as more bodyshops move away from wet and dry to dry sanding processes. To improve the dust extraction capabilities of its 260L film discs, 3M has now introduced a 15-hole disc configuration to replace the 7-hole discs.

Dave adds: “Again, we have trialled this new version and virtually everyone who tried them said they would use the 15-hole discs in preference to the 7-hole. They deliver improved performance and they are quick and easy to align with the back-up pad.”

The new configuration can be used on existing 3M back-up pads and can be fully aligned with the drive to increase dust extraction and improve disc life and productivity. Tests have shown that not only do the discs improve dust extraction, they also reduce clogging and extend disc life. Available in boxes of 50 discs, they are come at the same price as the 7-hole version.