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3M introduces dynamic mixing system

Diversified technology company 3M is redefining the dent repair process with the launch of the first portable system to mix and apply filler on demand.

The Dynamic Mixing System by 3M removes the need to mix filler manually which, in turn, means the virtual elimination of issues such as pinholes, waste, staining, mess and over-mixing. Instead, the system offers controlled, air-free mixing where the ratio of hardener to filler is exact, with no need for guesswork.

Richard Burn of 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division explains: “The traditional repair process is based on estimating – from how much filler and hardener is required, to the mixing time – and this can lead to problems. Product wastage is a big issue, as is the extra time spent having to correct potential imperfections like pinholes and staining, if the mixing process has meant air being introduced or too much hardener being used.

“The Dynamic Mixing System is a breakthrough in body filler technology as it removes all the guesswork and allows the mixing system to be controlled and therefore much more efficient. The optimum ratio of filler and hardener is delivered every time and can be applied as and when it is needed, saving time and money.”

The Dynamic Mixing System uses vacuum-packed filler and hardener cartridges that are manufactured in an air-free environment. No manual mixing is required and the system uses a fixed ratio of filler and hardener every time to eliminate the possibility of over-catalysation. All product is mixed in the disposable nozzle that comes with the system, so nothing is left over in the cartridges, minimising waste.

Richard adds: “Typically, due to over-mixing, large amounts of filler are often left in the tin or cartridge and thrown away. This ‘filler on demand’ system makes sure that only the product that is needed is used and because the cartridges are airtight, they can be used multiple times. It also means that there is no clean up time.”

The system can be used with DMS General Purpose Body Filler and DMS Heavy General Purpose Body Filler by 3M. Both products have a 12 month shelf life from the date of cartridge filling.