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3M launches general purpose body filler

Diversified technology company 3M has launched a new range of General Purpose Body Fillers which offer a high quality finish while also reducing rework and waste.

Available in two formulations, the 3M Body Filler can be used on many types of substrate including aluminium and galvanised metals, making it a convenient and effective filler that cuts down on both repair time and stockholding for body shops. The General Purpose Body Filler has been formulated to allow easy sanding and shaping, while the Heavy General Purpose Body Filler is ideal for deeper panel damage.Heavy-General-Purpose-Fillers-with-Hardeners-copy2

Richard Burn of the Automotive Aftermarket Division of 3M explained: “The new Body Filler range from 3M features a high-quality resin system designed to be used on multiple surfaces, and trials have shown that the products require minimal skimming and reworking due to bleaching or bubbling, which can increase productivity in the body shop.

“To complement the products, 3M has also launched an accurate wall-mounted dispensing system for use with filler cartridges which minimises the risk of over-hardening due to its precise measuring capability – thus reducing waste.”

3M Body Filler is available in 1.65 litre cartridges (for use with a wall-mounted dispenser system), as well as one- and three-litre tins.  In addition to the hardener being included with each tin or cartridge, it is also available to buy separately.