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A bonus from WD 40

WD-40-Can-400+40ml4You don’t usually get anything for free in this life any more – but Team P R Reilly and WD-40 are offering a little something extra this month! For a limited time only when you buy a 400ml can of WD-40 you will get an extra ten per cent absolutely free.

WD-40 has so many uses in and around the home, on the bike and at work. It is an essential for your toolbox and under the sink. In the famous blue and yellow can, you are able to do anything from maintaining powers tools, keeping gardening equipment from rusting, lubricating car and motorbike engines, and removing grime and grease from bicycles.

This promotion is only available in stockists across Ireland and will be for a limited time only. For more information on the full programme of WD 40 products please contact the Team P R Reilly Sales Team on 01.832 0006