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A clearcoat revolution with Standocryl VOC Xtreme from Standox

With the introduction of the new Standocryl VOC-Xtreme Clear K9580, Standox aims to revolutionise fast drying clearcoats. Due to its unique and innovative technology, this clear dries in just five minutes at 60°C and can still produce an exceptional finish.

SX Xtreme Clear K9580 Xtreme 300dpi copy
Anthony Cashel, Marketing Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, says, “the speed at which this clearcoat dries, and the results it achieves, are remarkable. Topcoat hold-out is impressive with extraordinary gloss, extreme hardness and a very good depth. Bodyshops that have tested the new clear in seven countries have told us they are all very enthusiastic.”

Bodyshops have the choice between two special hardeners, depending on their individual drying processes. The Standox Hardener VOC-Xtreme supports faster, high-temperature drying, subject to the spray booth’s heating system. With the Standox Hardener VOC-Xtreme Air, the new clear will dry at a temperature of 20°C in less than an hour. This option avoids heating the spray booth and makes the new clear energy efficient without impacting the quality of the results.

And even when air-drying, Standocryl VOC-Xtreme Clear performs extremely well. It is ready for polishing after only 90 minutes, surface flow is even and it becomes very hard with a lasting, brilliant gloss.

“Our new clearcoat technology could change bodyshop processes and offer another means to address one of the demanding challenges this industry faces: ever-rising energy costs,” Cashel adds. “Due to the clearcoat’s extremely rapid air drying times, bodyshops could also see a reduction in energy consumption, which is always a good thing.”

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