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A highly charged partnership

Sealey is partnering with US company Schumacher, the renowned manufacturer of Battery Chargers  selling around 8,000 high quality units every day in America alone.

Sealey_Schumacher_Partnership__Dealer_docqThe range starts with battery chargers that feature the famous patented ‘Speed Charge’ technology, these units can charge a battery up to 3 times faster than a conventional charger and do it safely.

These chargers offer a Micro Prosser Controlled ‘maintenance mode’ enabling the units to be left connected to the battery to continually monitor and maintain the battery indefinitely without causing any damage to the battery.

Added together these units offer faster, safer, marter battery charging.

Also available is a range of RoadStarts which use the US made ‘Gold Standard’ Hawker Enersys Battery – the power delivery is exceptional.

The 2,000 charge /d is-charge compares favourably to a regular battery’s lifecycle of 500 times, and in tests it has been proven that the Hawker Battery is capable of making 50 per cent more starts than cheaper alternatives.

These Roadstarts are the first with DEKRA approval and with professional grade, high performance Hawker Enersys AGM batteries. They are specially designed to jump-start vehicles with AGM, Calcium, Lead Acid and sealed Lead Acid batteries.

All models are fitted with cables that are 99.9 per cent Copper, which is a far superior conductor compared to other metals, and stay flexible to -40°.

Full spike and surge protection, as well as reverse polarity alarms are standard on all models and all controls are recessed to protect them from damage should the unit get knocked or fall over.

Also showcasing is one of the only motorcycle Lithium battery Chargers in the UK and Ireland. Lithium Power Cells have traditionally been used on track bikes but are now being developed for the on-road motorcycle market. This charger not only charges pure Lithium cells, but all lead acid batteries too! It also features the patented Speed Charge Technology, which is unique to the market.

The Sealey/Schumacher range is already filling the shelves at numerous Sealey dealers nationwide, so check with your local stockist for further details or to order your charger or Road Start today.

For further information contact HBA Distribution on 048 3753 1155