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A paint plaster for minor paint defects

Standofix is an innovative paint plaster for automotive paintwork from Standox. This extremely thin adhesive film temporarily covers small scratches or stone chips, hiding any paintwork damage.

The beauty of Standofix is that it saves vehicle owners having to put up with unsightly paintwork damage until they can make it to the bodyshop for a proper repair,” explains Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist. “And, of course, it’s always going to be a perfect colour match.”

At the time of repair, a small piece of the special Standofix film is sprayed with the actual paint of the repaired vehicle. This is then attached to a mirror hanger, and given to the owner as part of the vehicle handover. The bodyshop can add its contact details to the hanger, turning this user-friendly promotional gift into a simple and effective marketing tool.

Clear instructions printed on the mirror hanger show that using Standofix could not be easier: Having cleaned the damaged area thoroughly, the vehicle owner simply cuts the correct shape, peels off the protective film and presses the plaster onto the damaged spot. After 48 hours, Standofix is weatherproof and carwash-resistant.

The instructions also state that any area treated with the film should be fully repaired within three months, emphasising that the paint plaster is not a substitute for a professional repair.

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