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ADE points out cabin filter benefits

Auto Diesel Electric (ADE) is advising Garages and Motor Factors on the profit opportunities that exist by adding cabin filters to annual service items.

ADE says with air pollution now a major growing concern fitting cabins filters make sense for the motorist, the Motor Factor and the Garage.

The Motorist – Gets cleaner in-car air, less tiredness, less allergy and health problems and no dangerous windscreen film build-up. Filters also provide an effective barrier against heavy levels of dust and air pollution that many areas of Europe are now experiencing. Every time you find your car covered in Sahara dust imagine as a driver you are breathing that dust in if the filter is not working properly or worse still has been totally removed.

The Factor – If you supply a cabin filter for every service kit it will provide a major boost for revenue and garage customers will soon see them as standard.
The Garage – Fit a new cabin filter at every service. Customers get health benefits and notice the difference meaning greater customer satisfaction and it means extra revenue on parts and labour.

ADE’s MANN cabin filter range makes cabin filter business simple. It features filters for just about every application, including all Europe and Far Eastern models, in superb OE quality. MANN also provides a fitting guide with every product and in its comprehensive catalogues. This means filters are easy to find and replace. Average cabin filter replacement time is just now just 16.6 minutes and it can be as little as 6 minutes on some models.