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AIC scheme under review

The Department of Environment, Culture and Local Government (DECLG) is revising the regulations surrounding the Accredited Inspection Contractor Scheme.

The revision centres on the number of inspection bodies currently in the market and concerns over the financial burden imposed by the inspection process.

“It is likely that the AIC system will be changed as part of the legislative review. However, it is not clear at present as to how it will be changed,” an EPA spokesman noted.

He elaborated: “Possible options include EPA approval of inspection bodies (rather than INAB accreditation), completion of inspections by local authorities or centrally awarding an inspection contract to a single or multiple inspection bodies (with a fixed cost per inspection to be paid by the operator).”

“Other areas being examined include the extension of the renewal period to greater than two years for operators who receive a fully compliant inspection.There will be a lead-in period for adoption of the regulations and the existing regulations will continue in force until that date.”