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Another first for Frank Byrnes Autobody

A lot of conversations in the accident repair industry revolve around key to key times and turning the vehicle around as quickly as possible. It is after all one of the key demands (excuse the pun) of every customer ‘how soon can I have my car back?’. In reality of course to use an old cliche there are only so many hours in the day and time stands still for no man or woman indeed.

It’s impossible to get two days into one. It simply can’t be done or can it? In what is not only a first for Galway but a first for Ireland, Frank Byrnes Autobody Repairs has launched a new body repair concept – an Over Night Body Repair Service. By using a combination of the latest innovative thinking, products and equipment Frank Byrnes Autobody may be about to define a new era in autobody repair.

Frank commented: Our new Overnight Body Repair Service means that small damage such as dents, car park tips and scrapes can be repaired in hours when most of us and most of our customers are asleep and their car returned to them the next morning. By triaging the repairs at the estimating stage we can repair the smaller body damage jobs in our Overnight Repair Service. This option not only gives the customer an economic repair and a great service, it dramatically improves our overall bodyshop efficiency enabling us to achieve faster turn around on all our repairs.”

He continued: “Overnight Body Repairs is about offering our trade and retail customers a fast, convenient and economic option for his those dents, scrapes and alloy wheel damage that tend to be left undone due to the normal every day constraints of time and money. Repairing the small damage not only makes the car look good but most importantly enhances car value and saleability. Having the car repaired using our new overnight option means that the fix is not only convenient but most importantly affordable.”

He added: “Overnight Body Repairs at Frank Byrnes Autobody are carried out by specially trained technicians using a process developed for ‘smaller repairs’ by paint supplier AkzoNobel who were a tremendous support to us as we developed the concept. These type of repairs are generally termed ‘smart repairs’. After much thought we choose the owl as the symbol for our Overnight Body Repair service. The nocturnal owl renowned for wisdom and thrift signifies what our new concept Overnight Body Repair service is all about.”

The response from customers has been fantastic so far in fact Frank says with a smile “from the response and feed back so far I’m confident that our new customer focused Over Night Body Repair service looks like it’s going to be an overnight success!”