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Another world speed record for Sikkens

Last month it was a Sikkens partnership with Technical University Delft and a Sikkens-coated hi-speed bike, the VeloX3 that made headlines by setting a world record at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge race in Nevada.

Sikkens  copy
Now, in another desert half a world away, Sikkens’ advanced paint aerodynamics has powered the Nuna7 solar car to a first place finish at the World Solar Challenge, a five-day, 1900-mile race through the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide.

Sikkens was again teamed with student engineers from TU Delft in what has been a multi-year Creating Together partnership. The Nuna7’s winning time was just over 33 hours, at an average speed of 60 miles per hour, crossing the finish line 60 miles ahead of the most serious challenger, Tokai University Japan.

The solar race is an endurance test for drivers and paint technology as well, and both performed spectacularly. Nuna7 driver and PR manager, Leslie Nooteboom, was understandably thrilled with the outcome, saying, “This year we clearly had the better technology from a team that solved a lot of the problems we’ve had in the past.