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Audatex is advising bodyshops to strengthen passwords

Audatex says it takes the security of its customers’ data very seriously, making every effort to securely compile, store and process information. As a result, ist has strengthened its password guidelines for all users of Audaenterprisegold (AEG).

When your AEG password next expires, you will be prompted to reset it in-line with the below criteria, meaning passwords must:

  • Be between 8 and 25 characters

  • Contain at least 2 letters, one upper and one lower-case

  • Must contain at least 1 number

  • Must contain at least 1 special character from the list “ , . ; : ! £ $ % ^ & * ( ) – + = [ ] { } @ ‘ # ~ / ? \ < > _ | ¬ ` “ (no other characters are accepted)

  • Passwords cannot contain common words: week days, months of the year, the word “password” or the word “qwerty”

  • Each new password must also have at least 3 differences from previous password

As the new password requirements are now much stronger than before, you will only need to update your password every 90 days.

To receive the new password prompt guidelines, you will need to be running the latest 4.1.69 version of AEG. If you are running an earlier version of AEG, the update will still apply but the prompt will not update with the above guidelines.

For help and support upgrading to the latest version contact our service desk team: 01189 235 666.

Our new password strength requirements have been determined from the general best practice guidelines provided by the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which can be found here.

The changes have also been the result of engaging with our customers, suggesting various ways in which to safeguard data, demonstrating Audatex’s agility and close relationship with partners to introduce regular updates that enhance security and functionality.

For any questions regarding this latest update or if you need support changing your password, please contact our Service Desk team who will be happy to help, email: or call: + 44 (0) 1189 235 666.