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ECCO Safety Group joins IAAF

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has welcomed leading manufacturer in commercial vehicle warning and safety products, ECCO Safety Group (ESG) EMEA to its membership. ESG EMEA employs 324 staff and is a world-class supplier of light-bars, safety lighting, sirens, mirrors, back-up alarms and in-vehicle CCTV equipment to global vehicle builders in Construction, Commercial Vehicle, Emergency Services and

IAAF welcomes EC Mobility Package

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has cautiously welcomed the European Commission’s third legislative Mobility Package which has just been published, covering a wide range of topics, including connected and automated driving. The IAAF is encouraged by the Commission’s acknowledgement of the vehicle manufacturers’ privileged position on ‘access to car data and vehicle resources’ and

Charles Hurst Belfast nominated as official Ferrari Classiche ‘Officina’ dealership for Northern Ireland

Charles Hurst, the official Ferrari dealership in Belfast, has been nominated as a Ferrari Classiche “Officina” dealership for Northern Ireland. 9 official Ferrari Dealers in 20 markets worldwide have been nominated as “Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops” – individually known as “Officina” (Italian for workshop) – which authorises the dealer to implement the Ferrari Classiche certification

Toyota backing fuel cell power for vehicles of the future

If you have had any doubts that fuel cells (FC) and hydrogen will be what powers our cars in the medium to long-term, then Toyota’s moves to expand mass-production of fuel cell stacks and hydrogen tanks towards ten-fold increase post-2020 should banish those doubts. Toyota has big sales expansion plans within Japan and overseas. Toyota

Serfac adds Metzger to brand range

Serfac Limited has added German automotive component brand Metzger to its extensive brand range. Metzger offers a range of original brands from prestigious ISO-certified European manufacturers who supply original equipment to all well-known automotive brands. Metzger car parts can be found in a range of vehicles, from high-volume models to high-end brands such as Maybach,

European Commission’s third Mobility Package targets 50 per cent less road deaths

Developments in the safety of Irish roads took a huge leap forward last Thursday, with a landmark EU proposal to mandate the fitting of lifesaving technologies, including Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB) and Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), in all new cars. And the vast majority of drivers agree that all new cars should be fitted with