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Autoglass launches windscreen safety campaign

Autoglass, the glass repair and replacement company, has launched a national public awareness campaign to warn consumers that they may be travelling in unsafe and dangerous vehicles due to poor windscreen fitting.

The hard hitting campaign which will feature across television and social media is aimed at drawing awareness to the potential risks facing up to 89,000 drivers on Irish roads and the steps they can take to ensure their own safety and that of their passengers.

Windscreens account for up to 34 per cent of the structural strength of a car and, in the event of an accident, prevent occupant ejection, support airbag inflation and are of critical importance should a car flip over.  Independent research carried out in 2012 showed that up to 89,000 cars on Irish roads may have poorly fitted windscreens.  Despite all this, Ireland still has no uniform standard for proper windscreen replacement and repair.

Donal Lawlor Managing Director of Autoglass said: “Autoglass is embarking on this campaign to let people know that their car’s safety may be critically compromised by the windscreens. Many people do not realise the vital role of the windscreen in protecting occupants in the event of an accident, over 30 per cent of the structural integrity of the car relies on the windscreen.

“We are urging people to go to our windscreen safety site www.autoglass/safety  where we have compiled a gallery, a veritable hall of shame, showing examples of poorly fitted windscreens that our technicians come across weekly.  What this tells us is that poorly fitted windscreens are not a once-off problem, but much more common in the industry than expected and certainly than should be the case.”

Autoglass is now calling for a uniform industry standard to be applied to the windscreen repair and replacement sector. Mr. Lawlor said: “Autoglass has built its reputation and success on providing services that adhere to the very highest standards of safety, equipment and international best practice and we very much welcome recent legislation introduced by Minister Varadkar forcing drivers to change their habits or face stiff penalties.