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Autopaint Supplies has agri machinery covered with Mipa PUR HS

Autopaint Supplies represents the VOC-compliant paint system Mipa PUR HS for agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles, which combines long lasting expertise with new solutions through research and development.

With a small number of mixing tinters the system covers the complete spectrum of solid colours for trucks, buses and agricultural machinery.

The Mipa PUR HS-paint system is the optimal paint for these vehicles, according to Autopaint Supplies Business Development Manager, Ciaran Fox.

He said: “This paint system brings together economic and cost saving applications with first class surface quality and visual results.

“The wide selection of primers / fillers, hardeners and additives means there is an optimal solution for every commercial vehicle paint problem.”

He added: “Colour systems such as RAL, NCS, British Standard, truck colours of all common brands, fleet colours and colours of agricultural and construction machines are available.”

A Case tractor refinished using Mipa PUR HS. Photo: Autopaint Supplies.

Mipa PUR HS can be applied in different hardener combinations. The well-known 2:1 ratio with Mipa MS-Hardeners is ideal for manual application by spray-gun.

The use of concentrated HS or even VHS Hardeners allows for an adjustment of the system to automated 2K applicators, airless paintwork or spraying robots without having to change the paint itself.

All combinations result in a VOC value of less than 420 g/ltr. if the thinner addition is kept according to the product information.

The high solid content of Mipa PUR HS makes significant savings in material and time consumption possible.

Mipa PUR HS is compatible with all established Mipa commercial vehicle products and can even be used with water based Mipa primers.

Mipa PUR 2K HS chassis paints have a VOC, value of less than 420 g/ltr. Chassis paint is available ready mixed in standard as well as in special colours and comes with attractive pricing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a total respray, or a small localised repair, the results are always the same – a high quality finish.

For more information on the Mipa PUR HS paint system contact Autopaint Supplies Ireland on 042 932 8317 or email