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Autopaint Supplies has it covered with Mipa PUR HS

Autopaint Supplies represents the VOC-compliant paint system Mipa PUR HS for commercial vehicles, which combines long lasting expertise with new solutions through research and development.

With a small number of mixing tinters the system covers the complete spectrum of solid colours for commercial vehicles.

“Colour systems such as RAL, NCS, British Standard, truck colours of all common brands, fleet colours and colours of agricultural and construction machines are available,” said Autopaint Supplies, Business Development Manager, Ciaran Fox.

Mipa PUR HS can be applied in different hardener combinations. The well-known 2:1 ratio with Mipa MS-Hardeners is ideal for manual application by spray-gun.

The use of concentrated HS or even VHS Hardeners allows for an adjustment of the system to automated 2K applicators, airless paintwork or spraying robots without having to change the paint itself.

All combinations result in a VOC value of less than 420 g/ltr. if the thinner addition is kept according to the product information.

The high solid content of Mipa PUR HS makes significant savings in material and time consumption possible.

“With an excellent flow, durable gloss and highest resistance values costs can be actively reduced and at the same time quality of the paintwork can be increased,” Ciaran explained.

Mipa PUR HS is compatible with all established Mipa commercial vehicle products and can even be used with water based Mipa primers.

Mipa PUR 2K HS chassis paints have a VOC, value of less than 420 g/ltr. Chassis paint is available ready mixed in standard as well as in special colours and comes with attractive pricing.

Optimal paint for commercial vehicles
The Mipa PUR HS-paint system is the optimal paint for commercial vehicles, according to Ciaran. He enthused: “This paint system brings together economic and cost saving applications with first class surface quality and visual results.

“The wide selection of primers / fillers, hardeners and additives means there is an optimal solution for every commercial vehicle paint problem.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a total respray, or a small localised repair, the results are always the same – a high quality finish.

The Mipa PUR HS paint system has been tested under the searing heat of the Florida sun and in the snow and ice of Finland. At both locations it passed with flyings colours!

The Mipa PUR HS paint system, is environmentally friendly.

The high solid content of the top coat reduces the expulsion of solvents, with positive outcomes for the user and the environment.

Mipa PUR HS paint offers a great variety of colour shades for the individual design of vehicles.

The range starts from RAL, BS and truck shades to fleet colours and many important passenger car shades. The range regularly extended and modernised.

Mipa PUR HS is compatible with all colour finding systems of the Mipa car refinishing programme.

In addition to the formulation software MipaMix 5.0, the Mipa Color System II and even the portable spectrophotometer Mipa- Mix SSP are available to use with the coating system.

Value for money
The Mipa PUR HS paint system captivates with tested and proved quality! With its excellent features and economic application it creates durable surfaces, which maintain the value of commercial vehicles.

“The advanced technology of the complete paint system enables cost savings and environmental friendly paintings. Satisfied customers all around the world are the best proof,” Ciaran commented.

Mipa Fillers and Primers
Primer and Filler are the basis for a successful finish, and the Mipa product range for commercial vehicles offers solutions for every substrate and all requirements.

Adherence, corrosion protection and filling power in different combinations, solvent, or water-based products, the perfect priming coat is always available for Mipa PUR HS.

Economical wet-in-wet coating systems are possible as well as high gloss applications with intermediate sanding. Mipa 2K-Acryl-HS-Chassislack, especially developed for the chassis sector, is available in several standard original shades and provides durable protection.

Its particularly high solid content and excellent chemical and mechanical resistance prepare the chassis perfectly and efficiently for long-term stress.

For more information on the Mipa PUR HS paint system or Mipa’s range of Fillers and Primers contact Autopaint Supplies on 01 864 9900 or visit