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Autoparts Expresss offers full range of Philips Vehicle lighting

Autoparts Express is offering the full range of Philips Vehicle lighting products to the Irish market.

Philips2Philips has been recognised as a leading name in automotive lighting technology for almost a century – in fact Philips will celebrate its centenary next year.

One in every two new cars sold in Europe will carry Philips lights and so all of its 12volt range for cars, vans and motorcycles is manufactured to OE standards and, in some cases, beyond.

Many of the major lighting innovations over more than 50 years have been of Philips origin – whether that be the ubiquitous H4 design – that is still the world’s most widely used type of Halogen headlight – LED Daytime Running Lights or the Xenon HID bulb that now is seen on more than 10 per cent of new vehicles – all are technologies originated by Philips.

That’s why when a Philips bulb is purchased from Autoparts Express, whoever is fitting it can be assured that they are dealing with a top quality product from a premium brand.

In the current economic climate, it actually makes more sense than ever to fit a quality bulb, because the complexity of modern engine bays often makes it a difficult and time consuming process to fit a replacement headlamp – in some cases more than an half an hour per bulb.