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Bahco upgrades torque solutions range

Bahco has upgraded its renowned ‘torque solutions’ range, which provides automotive engineers and technicians with the accuracy they require from digital or mechanical torque tools.

Giving users the assurance of total control when turning and tightening to precise torque values, the new range is manufactured in Bahco’s European factories.

Using advanced technology, Bahco says its design engineers have created the ultimate torque tool range. This includes:

Digital torque wrenches: a wide choice of electronic torque wrenches with fixed ratchet head or interchangeable heads, also electronic torque and angle wrenches with memory and USB data download;

Mechanical torque wrenches: including mechanical adjustable torque click wrenches with a wide choice of head, handle and scale, also mechanical torque wrenches with dial scale/LED fixed square drive head;

Torque angle adaptors: digital torque and angle adaptors, digital angle meters and advanced easy tester;

Torque screwdrivers: digital torque screwdrivers, adjustable screwdrivers with scale, preset screwdrivers, fixed preset screwdrivers and fixed preset screwdriver blades;

Hand torque multipliers: wireless preset click wrenches and error proof controllers. Bahco’s latest multipliers use a compact, epicyclical gearbox to accurately multiply the input by a fixed ratio. This enables the use of a much smaller torque wrench for a given torque application, improving productivity across a wide range of applications. The combined weight of the torque multiplier and torque wrench will often be less than for one large torque wrench.

Insert tools: rectangular connector ratchet and fixed square drive, rectangular connector wrenches, rectangular connector adaptor, round spigot connector ratchet and fixed square drive and round spigot connector wrenches.

Insert tools allow users to choose the right head for each task. All Bahco torque wrenches come with a quality ratchet. When interchangeable end fittings are required, torque handles allowing for different spanner fittings are also available in various models up to 650 N.m.

For more information on the Bahco range, contact P.J. Fallon & Son on 090 662 6963 or Pitzone on 01 459 6069.