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Becktec braking evolution

The latest evolution in the First Line Group’s development of its Borg & Beck braking programme, is the introduction of a high quality ‘BECKTEC’ coating as standard to the majority of the range.

It is important to note that this will be a phased introduction.

In addition to their great looks, the BECKTEC coating provides several significant benefits over a standard uncoated disc, which include a greater resistance to corrosion, improved braking performance and, important from an installation perspective, they do not require cleaning or degreasing prior to fitment.


Incorporating the latest innovative technology, BECKTEC utilises zinc and aluminium flakes to increase the corrosion protection of the entire brake disc, including the braking surface and the inner vein structure. As well as its excellent corrosion resistance, the coating also improves the efficiency of the thermal exchange properties within the braking cycle.

Once the BECKTEC disc is fitted, optimum braking performance is guaranteed from the first application and although the braking surface will become ‘polished’, it will have no detrimental impact of the life of the brake pads.

Unlike other ‘painted’ discs, the water-based BECKTEC coating does not use a solvent element in its manufacture and is therefore kinder to the environment and poses far less risk to those involved in its manufacturing process than a solvent-based product.

However, the BECKTEC coating is still solvent resistant and offers protection against petrol, oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and alloy wheel cleaner, so the discs always look at their very best.

In fact, the extent to which BECKTEC protects the discs from scratching, corrosion and oxidation also differentiates the coating from partially coated, oil-based alternatives that offer only aesthetic appearance, not full disc protection.

From the workshop perspective, the BECKTEC disc provides a hassle-free fitting process because technicians no longer have to inspect the disc for rust particles or surface corrosion, or remove oil residue that has been used to preserve the condition of a non-coated disc during its packaging/storage.

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