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Best Buy Award for Armor All Shield

Engrained brake dust is a constant challenge to maintaining the looks and value of alloy wheels and the summer swelter, with higher ambient temperatures, adds to the problem with an increased tendency for brake deposits to ‘bake’ on the wheel.

As a remedy, car care champion Armor All recommends the regular use of its well-established Wheel Cleaner, whose specially formulated deep-cleansing agents dislodge stubborn dirt and brake grime.

However, its recently-introduced Shield for Wheelstakes wheel care a giant leap further, providing a powerful preventative deterrent against brake dust contamination of any alloy wheel after it is cleaned.Armor-All-Shield2

Brim-full with the latest technology, Shield for Wheels creates a tough, long-lasting, invisible barrier against brake dust, road dirt and grime, while making future cleaning far quicker, easier and more effective.

Applied to clean, dry wheels the protective coating out-protects, out-performs and out-shines existing wheel protectants and waxes.  It’s a fact that’s been endorsed by Auto Express magazine, which has awarded Shield for Wheels a ‘Best Buy’ against all-comers in its recent back-to-back testing, stating: “it takes the win thanks to a great all-round performance.”

Designed to ‘lock in’ the wheel’s condition at the time of application, Shield for Wheels is equally effective on new and old finishes alike, with the barrier typically lasting up to four weeks, meaning wheels only need be rinsed clean during that time.

Demonstrating its total confidence in the new product, Armor All offers a Money Back Guarantee in the event of less than 100% Satisfaction by consumers. See a demonstration of the product that shows its exceptional performance at

For more information on the Armor All range contact Team PR Reilly on 01 832 0016.