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Braking specialists TRW Aftermarket celebrates a successful year

Braking specialists, TRW Aftermarket has revealed it is in its best ever shape as the business moves further into 2016, and intends to secure additional market share and maximise brand awareness by focussing on its Corner Module and capitalising on the opportunities presented by positive industry trends.

Kevin Price, UK marketing manager, TRW Aftermarket, said: “2015 was an exciting year for TRW Aftermarket and the business continues to go from strength to strength.

“Our many successes include: extending the ‘Perfect Match’ initiative which advocates the dual fitment of our brake pads and discs to include heavier vehicles, strengthening the digital offer by enhancing user experience of the on-line integrated catalogue, and launching the multi-channel ‘True Originals’ product campaign – a part of which generated 420,000 views on YouTube, over a three month period.

“In 2016 and beyond, we will continue to support our customers by focussing on product innovation, range development and the added value initiatives which differentiate our business from the competition. In doing so we intend to maintain our position as the leading global supplier of Corner Module (braking, steering & suspension) parts and systems.”

In May 2015, in a deal which created the second largest automotive supplier in the world, TRW Aftermarket became part of ZF’s division of Active & Passive Safety Technology.

Kevin continued: “Becoming part of the ZF family takes things to another level. We now have the strength of two of the world’s most powerful OE automotive brands behind our aftermarket offer. After this year’s success, we are well placed to utilise this strength to further support the customer base and grow the business.”

In addition to the successes within the business, industry trends are positive. New vehicle sales are growing, the vehicle mix is rapidly changing and vehicles are not only ageing, but with technology increasing and becoming more widespread, they are becoming more complex. All of which create opportunities for TRW Aftermarket and the wider industry sector.

“We invest heavily to protect the integrity of the Aftermarket business model. By operating a first to market approach with parts, we help our customers help their customers, the garages. Releasing more than 500 new Corner Module parts in 2015 has helped ensure that garages don’t need to turn away business because the car on the ramp is too new,” Kevin added.

“Further down the supply chain, this strategy also helps uphold the philosophy behind Block Exemption; by giving consumers a service choice beyond the main dealer.”

Also helping the wider Aftermarket is product loyalty programme for garages, ‘automotive Diamonds’. TRW Aftermarket is the founder member of this award winning, multi partner initiative which rewards European independent garages for brand loyalty.

Technology is a major industry driver but the effects of its growth need to be
managed. It’s a well-accepted – but often not acted on – fact that with constant developments, technicians need access to this ever changing knowledge or risk going out of business in the future.

TRW Aftermarket has long championed the importance of sharing technical information through initiatives such as ‘Tech Corner’, its free online technical website. In line with this, the business works tirelessly to develop its digital offer and focusses on instant information access; for example via the TRW App.The future industry landscape looks promising and TRW Aftermarket intends to take every opportunity to maximise its brand awareness and secure further market share. It’s estimated that by 2020, the global output of the entire automotive industry will be $5 trillion, investment in new parts plants will reach $4.2 billion and materials demand will increase by 43%. (i)

Kevin concluded: “Opportunities exist for a number of carefully managed, brands and businesses; indeed the IAM needs choice to maintain a fair and competitive landscape.
“If the quality is right, the price competitive and positioned for the correct market segment, and the added value is present, there is business for the taking.”