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Brighter night time driving with Ring Xenon HIDs

A new range of 100 per cent brighter xenon HID upgrade bulbs from Ring, the automotive lighting experts, gives motor factors the opportunity to offer an upgrade for vehicles with xenon HID technology.

Compared to a standard xenon HID, they put up to 100 per cent more light on the road, to get more illumination exactly where the driver needs it. This improved visibility makes it easier to see hazards, reduces eye strain, and, when combined with the high colour temperature of xenon HIDs, gives excellent reflections from signs and road markings.

Carl Harrison, Xenon HID Bulb Product Manager at Ring said: “Offering this xenon HID upgrade gives factors the opportunity to improve the driving experience, and offer the complete range for technicians who want to have an upgrade option for their customers. Getting more light on the road in a precise beam pattern will improve visibility – making it easier to see hazards and reducing eye strain. 100 per cent Brighter Xenon HIDs from Ring are engineered to give a very bright beam that focuses light in the best position on the road ahead. It’s a simple upgrade for drivers that can make a big difference when driving at night.”

Vehicle lighting is a critical safety component, and investing in high quality, genuine replacement bulbs is essential to ensure that the beam pattern and lumen output meets the legal limits. Ring’s xenon HIDs are E marked, use OEM technology to provide exceptional light output, and are tested in Ring’s state-of-the-art, ISO:9001 accredited beam laboratories.

Ring advises that xenon HID bulbs should be replaced every three years, as the light output drops gradually over time. As the bulbs will still illuminate and appear white, this may not be noticed by the driver. Xenon HID bulbs should always be replaced in pairs to ensure a colour match between the headlamps.

The new bulbs are available for Ring stockists nationwide in both retail blister packs and as boxed bulbs. Available in D1S (blister pack: RU85402100, boxed: R85402100) and D2S (blister pack: RU85122100, boxed: R85402100) references.