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Car-O-Liner launches new CDS 35 double-scissor multi-lift

Car-O-Liner has launched its new CDS 35 double-scissor multi-lift. It says the new robust lift not only expands workshop capabilities to a one-stop process: from diagnosis to cosmetic damage repair, but is also perfect for drive-through procedures and other mechanical service requirements.

The new CDS 35 multi-lift is described by Car-O-Liner as an indispensable aid for all work requiring the vehicle to be lifted, including damage diagnosis, cosmetic dent repair and mechanical checks in general. It is a compact double-scissor multi-lift rated for a 3,500 kg load, designed to fit into any collision repair workshop.

Combined with a PointX II diagnostic measuring tool or Car-O-Liner’s CDR 1 workstation for cosmetic dent repairs, it forms a specialised work place, where complete repairs are performed quickly and efficiently. The CDS 35 can also be surface mounted enabling easier transit through the workshop when necessary.

The new CDS 35 has a robust design, and according to Car-O-Liner is one of the strongest double-scissor lifts on the market. With its low drive-over height of 116 mm the CDS 35 can handle most low-profile vehicles on the market.

The CDS 35 helps bodyshops to speed up their repair process by allowing them to perform diagnosis and repair in one single operation. No need to move the vehicle from one bay to another.