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Carsystem adds new products

Carsystem, the German producer of bodyshop consumables continue to innovate and have introduced a number of very interesting products for 2015.

Up until the recent launch of the new Carsystem C10 & C30 Polishing Systems the only materials available came with serious health warnings requiring operators to wear air-fed masks and protective gloves during operation.


The new systems however are not just more user friendly from a health perspective but more efficient and effective as well.

The new C10 polishing system was designed particularly for fresh paintwork, the combination of a highly purified water-based aluminium oxide paste and a specially designed slitted foam polishing disc, Quadra Pad (in 3 sizes), enables quick polishing and low heat generation with great results. The Quadra Pad has a red intermediate layer that provides added stability and even removal of paste during polishing

In addition the C30 grade is the first product line available that removes swirl marks permanently. Traditional products did not permanently remove swirl marks, the thorn in the side for painters using black or very dark colours.
Traditional products are oil and chemical based and the material fills up the microscopic marks so that they are invisible to the human eye, that is until they dry out or the polish residue is washed out by rain at which stage the swirl marks are visible again. The Carsystem C30 Micro Polishing Paste solves swirl mark problems forever.

As a bonus the C10 & C30 products are water based and free from harmful chemicals so that no masks or gloves are necessary.

To complete the new Polishing System a new easy to use C-Wax Shine has been produced. This spray carnauba wax has been developed making it simple to remove finger prints and dust effortlessly and also fade out a locally polished section leaving lasting protection and sealing new paint.

All Carsystem products are silicone free.

Carsystem is distributed in Ireland by East Coast Car Parts for your local supplier contact Factors should contact Joe McGann on 087 2594679 of Email

To arrange a demonstration of any CARSYSTEM product please contact
Barry Moylan, Carsystem Brand Manager on 087 7730044