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Carsystem solves contamination problems

Quality problems with paint finish is a regular problem for body repairers.  Research by Carsystem, the German manufacturer of refinish products estimates that over 75 per cent of what are perceived as “paint problems” are in fact caused by contamination.

As Carsystem is a problem solving company is sets about producing reasonably priced products that eliminate contamination.


First on the list was dust. The cleaner the bodyshop and particularly the painting area the less likely that flying dust particles will get into wet primer, paint or laquer. However, no matter how often you clean the floors dust will still accumulate and rise. Carsystem developed Dustkeeper to greatly reduce the rising dust problem.

The clear product is sprayed over a freshly cleaned floor and allowed to dry for a few minutes. Dustkeepers then acts as a magnet for dust making the dust particles heavy and less likely to rise.

Depending on how busy the bodyshop is, it may be swept or vacuumed once a week when it can be observed that the “heavy dust” gathers into heavy grains after which , Dustkeeper can be applied once more.

Boothmast Stick

During the summer months some bodyshops, depending on location, can be plagued by small flies, insects etc. Carsystem has developed a spray-on booth mask that remains tacky and therefore traps the unwanted visitors preventing their landing on your fresh work. The Boothmask Stick can be washed off with cold water as required.

Booth Filtration

Booth filter replacement is often put on the long finger because it holds up production and can be a dirty task. Dirty and inefficient and/or low quality filters can allow dirt to re-cycle and fail to capture dust particles adequately.

The structure of the filter material must be dense but allow air-flow as well as retaining its shape. Top quality filters such as Carsystem Paint Mist Separator material is manufactured from randomly arranged stretchable glass fibre material. The material has low compressibility enabling it to maintain the whole depth when oven fans are in operation.

Paint Strainers

Carsystem  “Multi Strain” are by far the best quality paint strainers on the market.

A serious claim by the German company but explained as follows:

  1. The paper material is non-absorbent; it will not absorb any liquid from the paint and therefore will not alter the consistency.
  2. The paper is sealed and there for prevents paper fibres entering the paint
  3. The paper is strong, preventing collapse or tearing that can result in paint loss
  4. The glue is strong ensuring the filter remains in place
  5. The filter is regularly formed with apertures of equal size providing consistent straining
  6. The filter has a grip tab so that human body fats cannot contaminate the filter and paint.
  7. A wall mounted dispenser is available to prevent dust from entering filter stock.

Listed above are just four Carsystem products that will result in reduction of contamination in your bodyshop. Talk to Barry Moylan or Paul McEvoy at East Coast Car Parts and find out more about Carsystm and how to bring better efficiency to your business without costing you a fortune.

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