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Menu wants stolen motor vehicle data released, the vehicle history check specialists is calling for the release of stolen motor vehicle data to the consumer. At present the Irish consumer has no simple way of knowing if a vehicle they plan to buy is stolen.

At present the Stolen Motor Vehicle Unit of An Garda Síochána (SMVU) do not forward the stolen vehicle data to vehicle history companies making it virtually impossible for the consumer to know whether the vehicle is stolen or not.

If released stolen data would mirror the successful collaboration between UK Police Authorities and Vehicle History Companies in that jurisdiction. “We understand that data protection issues have been cited for the failure to release this data. However, we say it is in the Public Interest that this information is made available,” Jeff Aherne, Director of said.

He added: “This is a serious problem. If you buy a stolen vehicle you can lose all of your money as the vehicle may be returned to its rightful owner.”

The Garda resistance to release the data is at odds with the situation prevailing in the UK where the police allow access to stolen vehicle data via the Police National Computer (PNC), according to Aherne.

“The PNC pushes data out to car history checking companies such as HPI UK. Cartell has aided in the recovery of UK stolen vehicles which wind up here in Ireland by checking each registration with HPI. Ironically it means that while Irish vehicle history companies are helping to repatriate UK stolen vehicles, they cannot fully assist with Irish stolen vehicles. It also means that Irish stolen vehicles are exported to the UK and never recovered,” he added.