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New zinc chromate-free wash primer from Spies Hecker

Commercial vehicles are under extreme stress every day, so the primer is particularly important not only to prime the surface but to carry out corrosion protection. The new Spies Hecker wash primer Permafleet Special Primer 4140 does this without the addition of zinc chromate.

Japanparts Group and Temot agree partnership

The Japanparts Group, a global player in the spare parts sector in Asia, Europe and America since 1988, has signed a three-year worldwide agreement with Temot International Group in relation to its Japanparts, Ashika and Japko brands, each boasting 30,000 items.

Axalta appoints new CEO

Axalta Coating Systems Ltd’s Board of Directors has appointed Robert Bryant as Chief Executive Officer on a permanent basis, effective immediately. He had been serving as interim CEO since October 2018. Bryant was also appointed to serve on Axalta’s Board of Directors.

Axalta’s three global refinish brands approved by Porsche AG

Cromax has been added to Porsche AG’s list of approved car paint repair brands, making all three of Axalta’s premium global refinish brands – Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox – authorised for use by Porsche AG dealerships and bodyshops worldwide.

PPG appoints new UK & Ireland Marketing Manager

PPG Industries UK, a world leading paint and coatings company, have appointed Mike Walsh as its new UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, effective from January 1, 2019.

New stud welding kit and accessories from Sealey

Sealey’s new SR2000 Stud Welding Kit contains a professional quality stud welder for fast, efficient body repairs which removes dents quickly, without holes or the need to remove the interior trim. No burn through means that removal of studs and washers is easy and preparation work before repainting is minimised.