Laser Tools Archive

New stainless steel drip tray from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has introduced its tough and easy to clean stainless steel drip tray (part number 7352).

Repairing the edge of damaged bolts, studs and pipes made easy

Laser Tools’ new external deburr & chamfer tool (part number 7510) is designed to be used with an electric drill and is fitted with a ¼ inch quick-chuck shaft. Maximum recommended speed is 400rpm.

Two new hose clamp pliers from Laser Tools

Hose clamps can be difficult to get to, especially if they’re located right down at the bottom of the engine bay where access is difficult. Reach for these new double-jointed hose clamp pliers from Laser Tools (part number 7397).

New ‘Damaged Nut/Bolt Extractor Set’ from Laser Tools

This new ‘Damaged Nut/Bolt Extractor Set’ from Laser Tools (part number 7524) is made up of a set of cleverly designed hexagon bolt and specially hardened nut extractor adaptor caps, which fit over the rounded off fixing and allows a standard 12 point socket or ring spanner to be used to remove the rounded off

New design of impact driver

Laser Tools has released a new design of impact driver (part number 7540). The addition of a flexi-head handle lets you keep your hand out of harm’s way, while adding extra leverage to the action of the impact driver.

Laser Tools introduces two workshop blow guns

Laser Tools has just introduced two innovative workshop blow guns specifically designed for valeting and cleaning chores.