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Charged and ready to go

Statistics show that breakdowns more than double during the winter period. Many of these breakdowns could be avoided by carrying out vital checks such as battery charging and maintenance.

For many drivers, vehicle usage has drastically reduced over the course of the pandemic, so it is more crucial than ever to carry out battery testing on any vehicle entering the workshop. Whilst this might seem like a quick and simple test for the technician to perform, it will provide your customer with reassurance that their vehicle won’t let them down on forthcoming journeys.

Batteries generally tend to last around five years so if there is any sign of slow starting the battery should be checked and replaced if required. With the increased use of start-stop systems in vehicles, an appropriate tester, such as the Sealey BT2011, is essential.

Sealey says that the professional tool supports all 12V batteries including standard lead-acid, VRLA, GEL plus AGM and EFB found on all Start/Stop vehicles. The in-vehicle test mode allows diagnosis of battery health, state of charge, internal resistance, cranking voltage and a comprehensive charging system voltage at rest and under load.

In order to keep up with the advancements in batteries over recent years, Sealey’s range of chargers has also evolved. The new range of SPBC fully automatic battery chargers offers the latest in technology and is backed up by a five-year guarantee.

The three seven-stage models offer an output charge between 8 and 16A, depending on the model, and are designed for charging and maintaining a variety of EFB & AGM (stop/start), GEL, lead-acid and calcium batteries with auto chemistry selection.

The zero-volt battery charging feature enables recovery and charging of a completely discharged battery, whilst reverse polarity, short circuit, and over temperature and overcharging protection provides a high level of safety.

The intuitive LED screen displays illuminated charging stages, volts and amps output and battery capacity. Additionally, the SPBC30 and SPBC40 models have the capability to charge lithium batteries and a 13.5V DC power supply, providing support for the battery during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks.

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