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Comline has quality cabin filter offering

Comline Auto Parts is well known for its range of filters; boasting a proven track record for delivering quality products and well over 20 years of pedigree in the product category. Comline cabin and activated carbon filters are an impressive part of this wider filter range, with the brand currently offering over 400 part numbers in this sub-category.

True to the wider Comline ethos of being an ‘all makes’ supplier, the brand’s cabin and activated carbon filter range isn’t limited to a particular segment of the vehicle parc but instead covers a vast array of applications from manufacturers all across the globe. In fact, Comline cabin and activated carbon filters cover over 95% of makes and models in the European, Japanese and Korean car parc.


A glance at the full list of part numbers reveals a variety of European applications, such as EKF106, EKF255 and EKF332 which cover vehicles from German manufacturers Audi, Volkswagen and BMW. Moving East, the range also encompasses popular Japanese and Korean vehicles from the likes of Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai and Kia, with EKF185 and EKF324 being notable numbers. The major American manufacturers are also well catered for within the Comline range, most notably Ford, with numbers such as EKF113 and EKF151 consistently among the best-sellers.

“The seasonal nature of Cabin filters will soon see market demand curtail with the onset of autumn. It is therefore essential that both Motor Factors and Garages capitalise on cabin filters over the next few months. The product quality, depth of range and competitive pricing on offer from Comline gives them the opportunity to do just that,” said Malcolm Rosher – Comline Sales & Marketing Director.

With a proven range of first class cabin and activated carbon filters on offer, it’s easy to see why Comline is well established as a leading brand within the UK and the wider European aftermarket.