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Continental launches new sensors to protect EV batteries

Continental is widening its broad sensor portfolio by launching two new sensors for electrified vehicles: the Current Sensor Module (CSM) and the Battery Impact Detection (BID) system.

Both new solutions focus on protecting the battery and/or on battery parameter retention. Within 2022, Continental will begin to manufacture the all-new high-voltage Current Sensor Module (CSM).

This compact modular sensor design measures the current and simultaneously detects temperature. Both values are highly relevant as input for the battery management.

Another innovative element of battery protection will be brought into the market by Continental: The Battery Impact Detection (BID) solution is a light-weight alternative to heavy underfloor “armouring” against damage.

Continental claims that compared to current metal underfloor protection, the BID system saves up to 50 per cent weight in EVs and provides underfloor protection at the same time

“Vehicle electrification brings new use cases and thus opens up more opportunities to our sensor activities, because an electric car has all the sensor needs a conventional car has – and more,” says Laurent Fabre, head of passive safety and sensorics segment at Continental.

“Protecting the battery and retaining its performance, for instance, are two additional tasks in electrified vehicles. The Current Sensor Module and Battery Impact Detection solutions serve both purposes.”