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Cooling solutions from First Line

The First Line water pump range has been central to the industry for more than 25 years and the current range of almost 750 part numbers provides exceptional vehicle parc coverage and is renowned for its quality and dependability.

First Line Water Pumps copyAs customers have come to expect, these products are sourced from major OEM manufacturers with a reputation for quality. As a result, the First Line pump range is supported with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty.

Manufactured using the latest OE specifications, these water pumps often incorporate a polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) impellor. PPS is an advanced polymer plastic, which is reinforced with fibreglass strands and has been specifically selected by the OEM manufacturers as it possesses chemical properties that make it ideal for the harsh conditions in which water pumps have to operate.

PPS is highly resistant to corrosive substances and capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 200°C, making it an ideal material for use in the cooling system. It is also lightweight, which means less wear/stress on other components, such as the bearing and seal pack.

PPS is not to be confused with the early nylon-based plastics, which would become brittle with use and break up or ‘release’ their grip on the impellor shaft causing the vehicle to overheat.

Introduced last year, the Key Parts range of water pumps provides customers with a complementary ‘value’ range of competitively priced, yet still high quality, components. The short range consists of 146 fast moving part numbers, which enables members to offer their customers different options, whilst still retaining peace of mind over the quality of the product. The Key Parts range offers a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty and all parts are supplied with gaskets, seals or any other necessary components.

Key Parts pumps still use a high quality bearing and dynamic seal pack to ensure longevity and reliability and will always feature the same characteristics as a First Line pump, for example, the use of evaporation chambers.

More modern pumps use a dynamic seal pack which relies on a small amount of coolant passing through it to keep it lubricated. Previously this coolant escaping past the seal could be mistaken for a leak. The evaporation chamber catches coolant that has been ejected, where it then evaporates and escapes as vapour.

The complete First Line cooling range totals nearly 1,700 part numbers and includes other products such as thermostats, radiator caps, temperature sensors/senders, coolant flanges and fan switches.