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Create an unique look with Osram LED bulbs from PR Reilly

With Osram’s new range of LED Retrofit bulbs, available from Team PR Reilly, motorists can create an unique look and feel for the interior of a car including; foot well lighting, over head reading lights and even in the boot with LED Retrofit bulbs.

Unlike the exterior lighting applications of a vehicle where ECE Regulations govern what you can and can’t do, the interior is a free zone when it comes to improving and upgrading the lights within.

LED bulbs, also known as ‘retrofits’ are the simplest and easiest way to create a cool or warm light effect. They can easily replace an incandescent bulb that is already fitted as they have been designed and manufactured with the same base as an incandescent bulb making replacement easy. Simply remove the existing bulb and replace it with the corresponding LED retrofit type.

LED retrofits are available in two colour temperatures — cool white ((6000 Kelvin) and warm white (40 00 Kelvin) allowing drivers to create a cool or warm LEDD lighting environment in their vehicle. The high light output from these retrofits makes for a better lit interior with a distinctive and modern appearance. Thanks to the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) used (Osram Oslon and Osram Advanced Power Topled) and a coating of optical diffuser material, these bulbs provide a pleasantly homogenous light as opposed to that dotted diode effect you see with some aftermarket LLED bulbs. LED retrofits also consume up to 80 percent less energy than standard W5W,, T4W and CC5W bulbs making them even more appealing. The Osram range is available in ECE types W5W, T44W and C5W with some new types expected later in the year.

LED versions of car bulbs cannot yet be used for mandatory exterior applications. These exterior functions include all headlights, indicators, stoplights, number plate lights and parking lights, only ECCE approved bulbs can be used in these applications. Head and tail lights designed for normal bulbs (as fitted at point of manufacturing) will not perform in the same way when fitted with LED bulbs as the light distribution is very different. At present LED ‘retrofits’ are not and cannot be approved although this may change in the future.

Sealed head and tail light fittings with integral LEDs that are found on many modern cars today are permitted. This is because they have been designed and tested as a complete light unit to give the correct beam pattern and light output.

So where can you use LEDs?

LED bulbs can be used for the non-mandatory lights inside the car; these applications include general interior lights, reading, foot well, glove compartment and boot lights. The Osram range which is available in two colour temperatures are the ideal solution for interior applications as above.

For further information on the full Osram programme, contact Team P R Reilly Sales Division on (01) 8320006 or visit