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Cromax announces comprehensive training offer for 2015

Cromax, one of the three global refinish brands from Axalta Coatings Systems, has unveiled its 2015 training offer, which is designed to cover all aspects of refinishing and all levels of competence.

From the complete beginner – who can join Axalta’s new apprenticeship programme, to the experienced refinisher – who can take an ATA assessment, the Cromax® training programme can help to drive its bodyshops’ businesses forward.


Anthony Cashel, Marketing Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, says, “Cromax® is delighted to be able to offer such a comprehensive range of training options for 2015. As well as hands-on, practical training, we have also just launched our new online e-learning programme, e-CTC. This enables intermediate level refinishers to study and to assess their knowledge without having to leave the bodyshop. Once they have successfully completed the eight online modules, they can come to the Cromax® Training Academy at Welwyn Garden City for a practical assessment.”

The Cromax® Training Academy is also the venue for the brand’s five traditional, face-to-face training courses, which for 2015 consist of two colour training, one product training and two application technique courses.

Colour Matching is a practical, hands-on, two-day course that shows refinishers how to match, to formulate, to mix and to apply solid, metallic and pearlescent colours. It offers a combination of colour theory and practical tinting exercises. Using colour-matching tools, such as ChromaVision®, ChromaVision® Pro, Fan Deck and test panels, this course sets out to teach participants how to work out colour formulations and mix paint. While covering a range of colours that refinishers will typically encounter in their everyday work, the course can also be adapted to focus on the colours of a specific marque.

Participants are shown how to begin setting up their own personal database using the ColorNet® Pro software and to find out how to document, to record and to store information on changes made to colour formulations. At the end of the course, participants are given binders with all the course notes, as well as information on the Cromax® Basecoat tints, including a tinting guide.

ChromaManager Training is a one-day course which covers the use of the full range of Cromax® colour tools. The morning is a theory session in which participants are shown, among other things, how to get the most of the ColorNet® Pro system, how to calibrate and to care for the ChromaVision® and ChromaVision® Pro spectrophotometers, and how to use the flake selector tool.

In the afternoon, participants put the theory into practice taking a reading from the ChromaVision®, developing the corresponding formulation, mixing the colour, spraying the paint and checking the results. By the end of the day, participants will know how and when to use the Cromax® colour tools at their disposal.

Advanced Cromax® Basecoat Training is a practical two-day QAA accredited course on the use of waterborne Cromax® Basecoat, from colour mixing to application and blending techniques. During the course, participants learn how to identify and to prepare both metal and plastic substrates. The course takes participants through the selection of the correct primer and different repair methods. Various sanding and application techniques are demonstrated, which participants then get to practice. The course also touches on fillers and non-sanding primers, and participants are given a wealth of practical tips. After a session on blending techniques, participants should be able to cope with even the most difficult colours and finishes. They will also be up-to-speed on the latest product developments.
Upon successful completion of a short multiple-choice test at the end of the course, participants will gain QAA accreditation and an IMI Awards certificate.

Three-Stage/Tri-Coat Training is a specialist two-day refinish course which provides participants with comprehensive skills for the preparation and application of Cromax® three-stage finishes. The course covers best practice methodology, which is designed to achieve efficient, right-first-time results in these increasingly popular, but complex, OEM finishes.

The first day focuses on planning the repair. It covers surface preparation, for both metal and plastic substrates, identification of the correct colour and finish, and use of the right products. Let down panels are then prepared. On the second day participants work on blending techniques. By the end of the course, participants should have the skills to repair tri-coats easily and accurately with minimal outlay.

Fast Repair Training is a one-day course that covers the increasingly popular SMART repair techniques. Fast Repair requires a certain level of skill, so training is essential. The approach and methodology is different, which means this service can bring with it a competitive advantage for bodyshops who can offer it. Participants are shown how to achieve successful Fast Repair results with everyday products they have in stock. They are instructed in the use of the correct tools, surface preparation and in application techniques on exterior metal and plastic substrates. Theory sessions explain how to measure and to assess zones for Fast Repair suitability.

The course also provides guidance on marketing this added-value service, which can help bodyshops appeal to customers with competitively priced small repairs. All Fast Repair members receive 250 personalised leaflets, five posters, an advert template, outdoor sign and flag to promote their service offering. For on-line advertising there is also a web banner.

“Our courses use hands-on, process-oriented techniques designed to help refinishers not only work more productively, but also handle issues that may crop up,” concludes Cashel. “The aim of all our courses is to help boost the skills and knowledge of refinishers – whatever their level – give them more confidence, and give them the skills to help increase performance in their bodyshop.”
More information is available on all the Cromax® training courses for 2015, including e-CTC on the website, and on the web shop,, where places can also be booked.