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Cromax offers repair systems designed to achieve productivity goals

Cromax offers its refinishers a number of specific paint repair systems aimed at helping bodyshops in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, to achieve productivity goals. Whether it is to save energy, to coat special substrates, to increase throughput or to achieve an outstanding gloss finish on high-end luxury cars, each repair system offers bodyshops the right products for its specific needs.

“Growing demand for dedicated solutions is an increasing trend you can find today in many industries, including refinishing,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland. “We work with bodyshops of different sizes, workloads and customer bases, which means they all have diverse needs. But, more importantly, every bodyshop has a unique set of productivity goals. Some of them want to achieve fantastic results while saving energy, others are focussed on high-end marques and new vehicles and so require the highest quality repairs. And there are some who are simply interested in achieving good results quickly and with fewer materials. That’s why we offer individual solutions of pre-selected products that are designed specifically to benefit and to meet their needs.”

Ultra Performance Energy System
Using revolutionary Axalta technology, the Ultra Performance Energy System gives bodyshops the flexibility to match their workload to the right products by finding the balance between speed and energy use, while also ensuring outstanding results. The Ultra Performance Energy System comprises: PS1800 Metal Pretreatment Wipes; PS1081, PS1084 and PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacers; NS2081, NS2084 and NS2087 – the new Ultra Performance Non-Sanding Surfacers; Cromax Basecoat; and CC6700 Ultra Performance Energy Clear.

Energy Saving System
The products in the Energy Saving System are designed to offer refinishers faster process times while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. “This system is based on energy-saving products, such as PS1081, PS1084, PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacers. They can be sanded after 20 to 40 minutes of air drying, allowing bodyshops to forgo costly IR or UV lamps. With high energy prices, saving energy is a way to reduce costs and, as a result, bodyshops could attract new customers by offering them more competitive rates without compromising on quality,” says Welling.

Ultra Productive System
The Ultra Productive System is the fastest and most productive repair system from Cromax on the market today. Repairs carried out entirely with its Ultra Productive products – such as NS2602 and NS2607 Non-Sanding Primer-Surfacers, Cromax Basecoat and CC6700 Ultra Performance Energy Clear – have the shortest possible process times and will consume the smallest amount of material. Using this system, bodyshops would be able not only to reduce waste and optimise their workflow, but also to achieve greater cost-efficiency and increase profit margins.

Performance System
The Performance System was designed specifically for high-quality panel and overall repairs. It’s the system of choice for bodyshops that focus on new vehicle repair and the products are developed to deliver brilliant appearance and the highest quality. The products include: 635R Etching Primer; 1051R and 1057R High Productive Surfacers with Cromax Basecoat; and CC6500 High Performance VOC Clear. Together they provide the best balance between application and appearance.

Plastic Repair System
The Plastic Repair System is ideal for refinishers painting plastic car parts. As car designers and manufacturers work on developing lighter and more energy-efficient models, plastic is becoming more common in modern vehicles. Refinishers can mix NS2602, NS2607 Non-Sanding Primer Surfacers with AZ9600 plastic additive, to enable them to apply directly over exterior plastic parts. It can be used with all Cromax basecoat qualities and combining this with the CC6700 Ultra Performance Energy Clear allows for extremely fast drying at low temperatures.

Special Finishes System
With quality matt finishes being more difficult to achieve than a gloss finishes, the Special Finishes System is designed specifically to help refinishers with these more unusual jobs. With the growing demand for customised vehicles, bodyshops that work with special colour effects can attract more clients, including customers in the high-end market segment. This system is based on such products as CC6400 Standard VOC Clear, AU175 Flattening Binder, and AZ9101 Performance Agent Slow. These products can be combined with all Cromax basecoat qualities.

“We help our clients to see which product combinations are particularly well-suited to reach their specific productivity goals, and our refinish systems do just that. By helping bodyshops to save time, energy and materials, while still offering exceptional results, we can clearly demonstrate, at every point in the repair process, tangible benefits from Cromax,” concludes Welling.