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Daisy Wheel Gold for innovative machine for preparing colours

Logo-Grands-Prix_scalewidthdownonly_5702Fillon Technologies has just been announced as the winner the Gold Trophy in the Garage Equipment category at the 2013 Equip Auto Grands Prix  for auto innovation. The winning product was the Fillon Daisy Wheel.

Fillon Technologies is a French company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for body shops. Daisy Wheel is an innovative machine for preparing colours.

equip_auto_2013_logo_col22Daisy Wheel is a compact “wheel” (about 1m3) containing up to 160 0.5 L bottles of paint for colours making up a line of paint. These shades are kept in ideal conditions using a technology that keeps it out of contact with the air, and a rotary movement to keep all pigments in constant suspension.

This storage function is accompanied by high accuracy automatic paint feeding (+ / – 0.05g) using solenoid-operated valves and a dosing algorithm. A load cell and a dedicated software interface with the universal vehicle market colour database machine. The preparation is carried out in totally clean conditions and without the colourist being in prolonged contact with paint products. This automation ensures successful colour mixing even in very small quantities (e.g. 50ml).

Silver Trophy for alternative to compressed air
An innovation from SAM Outillage, the P.E.A (Autonomous Power and Energy) System can replace traditional compressed air in mobile or fixed installations, providing the user with power, efficiency, portability and autonomy. The material consists of a high pressure compressed air cartridge (2 or 9 litres of air at 300 bar), and a high-performance flexible valve for supplying all existing pneumatic tools.

This technology allows air flow of over 400 l/min over all pressure ranges to drive: impact wrench, ratchet, drill, screwdriver, nail gun, stapler, riveter, blow gun…

The autonomy the P.E.A. provides means tasks can be carried out on all terrain: at height, underwater, in the middle of a field, in cold conditions… it needs no connections and remains effective in all usage conditions.

With a single cartridge it guarantees to loosen more than 800 nuts at a tightness of 300Nmn, allows over 12m linear drilling, tightening 900 screws (80mm) or nailing more than 2,500 times.