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Disconnect shut-down timer from Laser Tools

There are many instances where the technician needs to accurately measure the required shut-down period (as specified by the vehicle manufacturer) between switching off the ignition and disconnecting or reconnecting the vehicle’s battery. Particularly important where airbag, BSI (Body Systems Interface) or hybrid and electric vehicle ECUs need time to shut down before proceeding with further work.

This battery powered digital timer from Laser Tools (part number 7477) is a compact and robust instrument that is easily kept to hand in the tool chest.

The unit will count down from the set time in minutes and seconds (which can be set up to 99 minutes). Press the start/stop key to start the timer. The alarm signal will sound or blink at the end of the countdown. Press the start/stop key to stop the alarm signal. The timer will automatically return to the previous setting. The alarm is user-selectable and can be audible, visual, or both. There is a memory recall last setting and a battery is included. The timer has a built in clip, fold-out stand and magnetic mount. Dimensions are a neat 76mm x 56mm x 16mm.

A useful tool for the professional technician who is now having to deal with hybrid and battery electric vehicles on a regular basis, but also used on petrol and diesel vehicles with their ever-increasing electronic systems and features.

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