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Draper launches two new smoke diagnostic machines

Using smoke is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to detect leaks in vehicle systems. Now, Draper Tools has introduced two new smoke diagnostic machines into its Draper Expert range. Both models will allow garages to diagnose breaches faster and with greater precision.

Leading this latest launch is the Draper Expert Turbo/EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine (stock numbers 94079), which switches between turbo and EVAP (Evaporation Emission Control System) testing. It also includes an EVAP switch to allow for low-pressure testing on EVAP systems.

Completing the launch is the Draper Expert Turbo Smoke Diagnostic Machine (94078) – designed to save time on a range of leak detection issues.

Both models feature a variable pressure gauge that displays flow and fluid indicators. Draper says these machines excel at finding all types of petrol and diesel system leaks including turbos, intercoolers, manifolds, brake boosters, EGR valves, brake vacuum hoses, cooling systems, air and water leaks.

For maximum efficiency in the garage, the air mode or smoke modes can be very easily switched between too. The compact and lightweight design of each machine, coupled with an onboard micro air compressor and 12V power connection, ensure they’re fully portable and ideal for all mechanics, including breakdown technicians.

Each model includes a convenient case packed with accessories comprising 23 plastic plugs to seal a variety of openings, a 31mm – 81mm cone adaptor, a battery cable with crocodile clips, a smoke outlet hose, an air intake adaptor, a hand inflatable block off bladder, a hook, and an EVAP service kit.