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DuPont Refinish – a real asset for bodyshops

Nine months on from its launch, Fast Repair – the DuPont Refinish answer to Smart repairs – is proving to be a real asset to bodyshops.

Lindsey Swaine, DuPont Refinish brand marketing coordinator, UK and Ireland, says: “Since its launch there has been a lot of interest in Fast Repair. The demand from the market for affordable repairs is increasing and we have to offer our bodyshops the right solutions for them to maximise their productivity and boost efficiency. With Fast Repair, minor damage can be repaired quickly and economically, allowing our bodyshops to invest more time in growing a business, rather than just maintaining it.”

One part of the Fast Repair package, is a full days training at the Refinish Academy in Stevenage, so refinishers can get the most out of the initiative. Swaine says: “Performing minor repairs is one thing, but performing them productively and successfully is something else entirely. The Fast Repair training we give our bodyshops includes surface preparation and application guidance, as well as practical demonstrations and theoretical discussion on how they can fully benefit from these small area repairs.”

The Fast Repair package also includes a technical manual, a Fast Repair ruler and other support material to enable bodyshops to market and to advertise this essential service to potential clients.