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DuPont Refinish unveils ValueShade®

The DuPont Refinish ethos of productivity is at the heart of every piece of technology the aftermarket paint brand develops and the DuPont patented ValueShade® concept is no different.

The ValueShade® concept associates every topcoat colour with one of seven shades of grey – mixed from any of the five different greys plus white and black – to optimise topcoat coverage and thereby lower paint consumption. But understanding just how compelling the ValueShade® concept is may not be easy without seeing it in action. To help bodyshops visualise just how effective the ValueShade® concept is, DuPont Refinish has updated its handy sales tool.

The small and straightforward aid displays four different primer colours, over which sits a transparent, coloured plastic film, coated with DuPont Refinish paint, to represent the basecoat. Peel this film back and at first glance, it might appear that the lighter primer, or the primer which is a similar colour to the basecoat layer, would be the best choice. But lay film down, and it immediately shows that the ValueShade® primer completely disappears; the other three all still grin through.

Lindsey Swaine, DuPont Refinish brand marketing coordinator UK and Ireland, says, “the ValueShade® undercoat technology is the easy and productive way for bodyshops to achieve excellent coverage in the fewest number of coats. But it can be difficult to really impress upon bodyshops just how powerful this concept is. This updated, proven sales aid will do just that.”

For bodyshops who use ValueShade®, the concept is made completely fool-proof thanks to the correct ValueShade® for each topcoat being shown with the mixing formula.