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East Coast Car Parts unveils Carsystem Carbo UV Clear Coat repair system

East Coast Car Parts’ star attraction at the recent Auto Trade EXPO, was its new Carsystem Carbo UV Clear Coat repair system, a revolutionary product devised by Carsystem, which enables users to repair stone chips and fish-eyes more or less instantly.

The kit comes with 500ml of Carbo Clear Lacquer, a dropper and a special UV curing lamp. The repairer simply drops the appropriate amount of Carbo UV Clear into the damaged area and applies the self- timing UV light to cure, resulting in a surface as hard as glass and ready to be sanded down and polished with a Carsystem finishing product.

The Carsystem C10 and C30 polishing system was also on display. This water based system used in conjunction with the specially designed scored pads is guaranteed to remove swirl marks/holograms permanently. Because it is water based there are no health risks as would be associated with most oil-based products currently offered on the market that require breathing equipment, gloves and goggle to be used.