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Effective carbon fibre refinishing with Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker shares its knowledge of carbon fibre refinishing techniques.

Carbon fibre is very popular with car manufacturers. It’s stronger than steel and lighter than aluminium – two important factors for modern, high-end sports cars. Although still relatively expensive, the costs of producing this fibre-reinforced polymer are decreasing, enabling it to be used more widely. It is, therefore, hugely important that bodyshops have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to carry out carbon fibre repairs. Fortunately, Spies Hecker offers both.

“There are several things a refinisher needs to know when faced with a carbon fibre repair,” explains Daniel Hartland, brand marketing coordinator, Spies Hecker UK and Ireland. “The most important is how to identify the material in the first place, what the correct paint layer build up should be and what needs to be considered when preparing this substrate.

“Depending on where the carbon fibre part is on the vehicle, refinishers may need to achieve a natural look, showing the carbon fibre effect “grinning” through the coating. Alternatively, they may require a smooth uniform finish. Spies Hecker offers special products and processes for these complex repairs that will give the refinisher the best results, whatever their requirements.

“After sanding down, we advise cleaning the repair area with Permaloid® Silicon remover. A filler such as Raderal® Polyester Putty 2035 should then be built to the required depth, before using a surfacer; Permasolid® HS, for example. All Permahyd® basecoats are compatible, meaning there is no restriction on the colour. Finally, depending on the effect required, any Spies Hecker clearcoat can be applied.”

Repairing carbon fibre is not straightforward as there are many factors to take into account, but Spies Hecker provides bodyshops with both the product range and the know-how to take on any job with confidence and produce a quality finish.

Spies Hecker offers a full training module on specialist substrate repairs that includes carbon fibre, and can be carried out at bodyshops’ sites if required. For more information about this and the full range of Spies Hecker products and services, contact your local distributor or visit