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EMM launches new products at Automechanika

EMM has launched a new logo, new communications strategy, and new products at Automechanika.

In an ever changing world, EMM says there is a need for a clear and convincing business focus and is currently focusing on initiatives that contribute to the future of the business chain.

The company says the devlopment, manufacture and distribution of goods and disposables, for all sectors using paints on a large scale remains its central aim. In that light the company is seeking to strength its relationship with dealers and end users through co-entrepreneurship.

EMM unveiled Film4Booth, a transparant, four layer self-adhesive protection film to be applied on the spray booth walls. Every layer lasts for at least 250 booth cycles or three months.

The company also unveiled Film4Crash, a smart film to protect a car from all weathers when the doors and windows have been removed.

Film4Floor; a protection high gloss, reflective polypropylen film film for cabin floors and spot-repair areas,, was also unveiled.

Other new products included OneStepReady – polishing system for the future. A one step polishing system that covers the entire polishing process, from fine sanding at the start to remove scratches, to a high gloss finish.

The company also unveiled the Alpha series -two new pneumatic random orbital one-hand sanding machines, developed for very demanding professionals.