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Environment Minister Hogan want insurers to engage only compliant bodyshops

Environment Minister Phil Hogan has called on the insurance industry to ensure that “reimbursable repair work” is only carried out by certified refinishers.

Environment Minister
Phil Hogan

In a letter to Mike Kemp, Chief Executive of the Irish Insurance Federation (IIF), the Minister acknowledges that “there is currently no impediment against policy holders claiming from their insurance provider against the cost of repair work undertaken by uncertified vehicle refinishing operators. While this is not contrary to the Regulations, it nonetheless can serve to support the activities of uncertified operators.”

The letter details that officials from the Environmental Protection Agency raised the issue with the IIF,

In the letter, the Minister expressed his disappointment. “A list of all certified vehicle refinishers was sent by the EPA to the IIF. However, I am disappointed to hear that no action has since been taken to address this issue.”

The Minister added: “In light of the new regulations now in place and the importance of all stakeholders playing their part to ensure that businesses they interact with are fully compliant with the law and are not endangering human health or the environment with illegal or uncertified products and services, I am asking that your members review current practices and consider putting in place voluntary procedures to verify that reimbursable repair work is only carried out by certified vehicle refinishing operators. This would be a commendable policy that would both protect the environment and uphold vehicle repair safety standards.”

He conitinued:  the administrative burden associated with verifying whether or not an operator is certified should be minimal, in that compliant operators will hold certification from their local authority in the form set out in Schedule 5 of the Regulations for display at their premises.”

“Local authorities are also required to maintain an up-to-date list on their website of all currently certified operators of vehicle refinishing installations within their functional area and the address of the certified premises. This information is also available from the EPA.”