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Extended Bosch Ultra White bulb range now available

With its ‘Ultra White’ bulb range, Bosch says it offers an attractive halogen bulb with optical benefits similar to xenon bulbs.

A particular advantage of xenon headlights is their similarity to daylight. However, their high price means that they are mainly installed in premium vehicles.

With a colour temperature that has now been improved to a range between 4,200 and 4,800 Kelvin, depending on headlight type, Bosch says the Ultra White bulb range emits an especially intensive white light that comes close to daylight with 5,500 Kelvin.

When driving at night, the light is more soothing for the eyes and causes less fatigue due to higher contrast. Emitting up to 40 per cent more light, these intensively white bulbs also offer better vision than standard halogen bulbs – not only in the dark, but also in difficult weather conditions such as rain and fog.

In addition, the Ultra White bulb range has been extended. The halogen bulbs are now available for nearly every type of bulb used in front headlights, such as H1, H4, H7, H11, and W5W. They are available for use as high-beam, low-beam, fog light and parking lights.

With just five article numbers, Bosch states it can cover nearly all halogen headlight bulb types used in Europe, including hybrid and electric vehicles equipped with halogen headlights.

Bosch recommends replacing headlight bulbs every two years, and always in pairs. For installation clean gloves or a soft cloth is recommended, touching only the metal base of the bulb if possible. Otherwise, dirt and sweat can cause the glass cover to heat up unevenly, resulting in damages to the bulbs.