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EZ Ultra Lite Body Filler available from Abcon Ireland

The EZ Ultra Lite Body Filler from Evercoat, available from Abcon Ireland, is ideal for repairs on any surface.

It adheres to any substrate, including galvanised, aluminium, or hard plastics and is less porous than most other traditional fillers due to its higher resin content. With excellent vertical hold the filler is capable of filling to a depth of around 20 to 25 millimetres on a vertical surface.

EZ Ultra Lite spreads smoothly across surfaces, has a low pinhole count, dries between 15-20 minutes and sands more easily with higher grit sandpaper than other more popular easy sand fillers. This results in a more streamlined process saving valuable work time. Available in both one litre and three litre tins, EZ Ultra Lite is ideally cost-effective for large repairs on automotive repair work, especially as it is incredibly easy to rework and boasts a high corrosion resistance.

The grey filler comes packed with Evercoat Blue Cream Hardener and should be mixed in a ratio of 100 parts filler to two parts hardener. In the video below from Franky’s Speed Shop, Kevin from Evercoat shows off the Evercoat range in particular: Rage Ultra, and EZ Ultra Lite Body Filler.

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