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FAI announces new range of electric window regulators

Not long ago, it was only top of the range cars that featured electric windows – but now, even the most basic little run – about has them and that means that the market for replacement window regulators – the component which provides the lifting and lowering mechanism – has got a lot bigger.

FAI has a proven reputation for being able to spot new market opportunities as they arise, and the decision to introduce a comprehensive range of these parts is expected to result in a big sales opportunity.


The range consists of 400 popular part numbers and is focused on front window regulators, as these get most of the wear and consequently fail most often.All three of the most commonly used mechanisms are featured in the range, Scissor, Bowden and Double Bowden systems.

Scissor System: has a motor operating a gear wheel that raises and lowers the window by the use of a scissor action of the rigid bars.

Bowden System: the cable is connected to both sides of the slider so when in operation the cable will be ‘pulled’, making a more efficient system. This is used mainly on 4 or 5 door vehicles or for rear windows where the glass is smaller.

Double Bowden System: a similar system to the single Bowden but two window sliders are used. This allows a larger window to be lifted/dropped evenly. This is found mainly on front doors and 3 door vehicles.
Available on most part numbers are versions with or without motor.

FAI window regulators come with a 12 months or 12000 mile warranty. Fitting Instructions are included in each box. The range is fully catalogued on the FAI website, MAM & Epicor.

The range is of exceptional quality and replicates the workings of the original equipment parts fitted, with auto open/close and obstruction detection where relevant. In common with all FAI parts, the range is focused on the most modern vehicles on the road.