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Farécla G Sand fine abrasives in samples wallet

Leading compound manufacturer and refinishing experts Farécla Products have put together a selection of their G Sand fine abrasives in a convenient size sample wallet.

Sample-wallet-coverThe special wallets have been designed to help the sales team demonstrate the benefits of the polishing system and enable bodyshops who haven’t yet tried the G Sand abrasives to experience the unique qualities of this new, updated range for themselves.

Each wallet contains three 6” 7-hole film-backed discs with their unique anti-clogging coating (P1500, P2000 and a blending disc), a 6” P3000 foam-backed abrasive disc for use on scratch resistant clearcoats and older paint, plus two waterproof half sheets (P2000 and P1500) for denibbing.

G Sand abrasives offer unrivalled cut and durability, but also very importantly leave a very even and pigtail free surface. The discs feature resin bond adhesion technology – to prevent rogue scratches caused by shelling – and an improved anti-clogging layer, known as the stearate. By preventing the disc from getting blocked with debris this layer, helps get the maximum abrasion from the mineral particles as they wear down, making the disc last longer.

The consistent scratch pattern left by G Sand is the perfect platform for the new G3 premium polishing range, enabling the operative to effortlessly achieve a flawless gloss finish in less time and at lower cost per sold hour. Bodyshops who have switched to the Farécla G Sand abrasives, including some big industry names, have been won over by the technical advantages of the system which include less downtime changing discs, faster polishing and significant cost savings.

Rob Wilkinson, Technical Director, Farécla UK commented: The high tech qualities of the G Sand range of fine abrasives are starting to gain the recognition they deserve. They are proven to reduce polishing time and combine with Farécla’s Premium Polishing System to offer bodyshops a superior and cost-effective system for paint defect rectification. Whatever the paintwork, the complete system consistently delivers a great final finish that is permanent – so avoiding costly reworks.”